Though basically hailing from the Beautiful "god's Own country"...Kerala, he uses his camera so well to picturise/portray images of Nature, Arts, Flora, Fauna, Water resources, Living objects, fashion and the common man, and converts them into real life still images/situations. Overall his first and Last "love" is the saying goes...." you don't take a photograph,,,,U make it"

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Find the odd one out :P


  1. 2nd from ur left, cos that bird has a fly in the left visible side of chest just below neck, then 3rd 4th & last one, beak open....& then 4th one from ur left stands out cos its eye line & superciliary(eyebrow)is black!!! nothing els i cud find. so wat was the criteria u noticed?

  2. You hav focussed ur cam in the odd one itself!!!