Though basically hailing from the Beautiful "god's Own country"...Kerala, he uses his camera so well to picturise/portray images of Nature, Arts, Flora, Fauna, Water resources, Living objects, fashion and the common man, and converts them into real life still images/situations. Overall his first and Last "love" is the saying goes...." you don't take a photograph,,,,U make it"

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Azheekal (Kerala)




  1. You used your camera as chisel to dress up the the images to bring its originality.......... keep it up dear...........

  2. Hey EAGLE one is jus awesome......!!
    Which camera do u use??

  3. ningaludea camerayum kannukalum ennea ambarappikkunnu

  4. Hi,
    I am a web developer. I liked the images you have on your website. I am thinking to do a website for a small community(i'm working free for them). I like to use your images. How much you charge for an image ?

    Regards, Manasa

  5. Nithin Template kch thek to kro bauhat dark hia aur Kuch smjh bhi nhi aaraha...

  6. you deserve appreciation:-)

  7. improve ur self u r gifted with great talents

  8. i like these photos very much ,and i congrats u to make such a move to reveal the beauti of our village thnx again

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